Welcome to FIT! We are one of the best training programs in South Florida!!!
Fort Lauderdale Beach. We run here every Saturday.
13.1 FIT Victory!
Awesome ING Info Session at FIT!
We are a friendly group!
FIT at the Acropolis (Athens, Greece)
Athens Marathon
Our Social Coordinator
FIT celebrating like the Greek Champions
We are happy people!
FIT at ING Miami Marathon
FIT at Palm Beach Marathon
FIT at Miami ING Finish
FIT Coaches
10 Miler-4th of July celebration with support of Ft Lauderdale Firefigthers
Refreshing 10 miler finish!
Cheering everyone on!
Happy FIT members and Assistant Coach
Looking great after the run!
Going over Sunrise bridge
Recovery Seminar!
Amazing Sunrise we get to enjoy!
FIT Fun Picnic!
FIT at 13.1
Refreshing finish with Ft Lauderdale Fire Department


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Have you ever dreamed of completing a marathon? You're not alone! Thousands of people each year decide to take the running/walking challenge, and most of them have never run a step in their lives before!

With the proper training and guidance, anyone can reach their goal of making it to a marathon or half marathon finish line, injury free. If you have running/walking a marathon or half marathon as your goal, and you live in South Florida, come on out and join us! We can show you how to make your dream a reality! Read more


New Season has started! Welcome new members and returning alumni!

We are so excited about our new 2013-2014 season! This year we will be training for the Halloween Half Marathon in Miami Beach, 13.1 Ft LauderdalePalm Beach Half Marathon and Marathon Relay, Disney, ING Miami, A1A, Sarasota, and the Big Sur Marathon!

Our training calendar also accomodates other races taking place in the winter and early spring.

If you missed our registration sessions, you can still join us! Come meet us at George English Park in Ft Lauderdale on Saturday, and be ready to change your life forever! For meeting times see below. We hope to see you then!

What a great 2013 season we had!! Congratulations Friends In Training!

Congratulations to all our members who have participated in any of our FIT events last season! 13.1 Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay, Disney, ING Miami Marathon, A1A Marathon, 13.1 Miami Beach, First Watch Sarasota, and the Rock and Roll USA Nations Capital Marathon and Half Marathon in Washington, DC! Once again, we had 100% completion rate which shows how successful our program is, and we are so proud of you! Way to go Friends In Training!

For information on our new season, click here.

To contact us, click here  

Fitness Walkers Program Continues!

Are you looking into getting started? Then, this program is just for you! We are excited to inform you that our Fitness Walkers Program was a huge success last season and so we are in for some more! This program is specific for those walkers who are just looking into getting started. We will be training these participants up to a 10K. This program is specific for slower walkers and will get them ready to participate in a few upcoming local relay races such as 13.1 Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach Marathon Relay. Come join us this Saturday and get active!!

Congratulations Halloween Half, 13.1, Palm Beach, Weston Half, Disney, Miami, A1A, 13.1 Miami Beach and Sarasota Participants!

This Saturday, April 19th: Everyone will meet at George English Park for the last 6 miler ofthe season! Please be sure to check our newsletter for all the details below!

  • Our Fitness Walkers: Will go for a 4mile walk
  • Our Full Marathoners: Will go for a 6 mile run/walk
  • Our Half Marathoners: Will go for an 6 mile run/walk
  • Meeting At: George English Park 
  • For start times and our newsletter:  Click Here!
  • For 4 Miler Video:   Click Here!
  • For 10 Miler Video:  Click Here!

We are looking forward to seeing you in the new season!

Mark your calendars and save the dates!

Registration Sessions are on July 26th and August 2nd, 2014